Blacklight Retribution Anti-Materiel Rifle

Anti-Materiel Rifle with Stock Modifications

Unlocked at level 65, the Anti-Materiel rifle packs a huge punch. Able to down any agent in 1 hit, this sniper rifle doesn't get its name for nothing. A shockingly low bullet count of just 9 with 1 in the chamber, a staggeringly long default reload time of 4.7s & a default scope in time of 1s, makes this weapon extremely difficult to handle. Valuing damage above all else, 2 well-placed shots in the weak-spot can easily down a Hardsuit. It is only possible to customize the Stock and the Scope of the AMR, with certain stocks improving reload time similar to the Bullpup Full-Auto and Burstfire Rifle. It is also important to note, that no matter which scope you equip, it will still take one second to fully zoom in.