Blacklight Retribution Ps4 Wiki

When the odds are against your agent, or if you want to annihilate the opposition with deadly force, use the in-game depot, it may just save your life. There are many choices to choose from with up to five customizable slots. Decimate your foes with the high accuracy railgun, refill your health and ammo, or slaughter your opponents in style with the deadly Katana blade.

Level 1 Unlock- Health Refill

Level 1 Unlock- Ammo Refill

Level 1 Unlock- FT18 Flamethrower

Level 1- RL5 Armor Stinger (Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher)

Level 1- Rhino Hardsuit

Level 1- Heavy Weapon Refill

Level 9- RL2A Swarm (Anti-Personal Rocket Launcher)