Agent, In order to excel in the field, you'll the the best gear money can buy. Not only will it help you in tough situations, but can give you extra protection against elements and explosives and, if used wisely, will give you a helping hand and turn the tide of the battle!

Visual Diversion and E-War Edit

Personal Holo-Decoy

HRV Blackout

HRV Decoy

Protection Gear Edit

Electric Protection Gear

Toxic Protection Gear

Explosive Protection Gear

Melee Protection Gear

Incendiary Protection Gear

Infrared Protection Gear

Hand-to-Hand (Melee) Edit

Combat Knife Mk.1

Combat knife Mk.2

Throwing Knives

Breach Hammer


Exploding Tomahawk

Sonic Tomahawk

Toxic Breach Hammer

Grenades Edit

Frag Grenade

HE Grenade

Toxic Grenade

Shock Grenade

Digi Grenade

EMP grenade

Proxy Based (Mines) Edit

Proximity Mine

Stun Mine

Stun Shuriken

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