Weapon OverviewEdit

Blacklight Retribution Light Machine Gun

LMG with Stock Modifications

The Light Machine Gun, commonly known as the LMG, was designed for a defensive playstyle, with overwhelming movement spread, low recoil, high damage impact, and decreased run-speed. The belt-fed LMG carries a box rather than a magazine, making reloads sparse but irratating when caught off-guard. To avoid being caught by the enemy during the long 6-second reload time, it is highly recommended to purchase a quick reload box in your magazine slot improving reload speed by over 2x.

Base StatisticsEdit


Damage: 65

Firerate: 650

Ammo: 80/240

Reload: 6.67s

Swap Rate: 20.00


Aim: 1.67

Hip: 3.98

Move: 8.81

Recoil: 1.31


Scope-in Time: 0.22s

Range: 80/120

Run: -0.45

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