Blacklight Retribution Ps4 Wiki

Onslaught is a gamemode in BlackLight Retribution.

It consist of 2-4 Players teaming up to take out hordes of SIV's and The Order.Types of enemies:[]

  • SIV
  • Inferno SIV
  • SIV Dogs
  • SIV with Riotshield
  • SIV Hulk-Boss
  • Order Soldier with Assault Rifle
  • Order Soldier with Shotgun
  • Order Soldier with FlameThrower
  • Order Soldier with Rocket Stinger
  • Order Soldier with Barricade Mk1


  • Use melee during the first round to save bullets.
  • Focus on the order if possible so they don't kill you when you are low on health.
  • Use the FlameThrower as much as possible to easily take down SIV Hulks.
  • SIV Hulks charge the closest person to where they spawn so be careful.
  • Inferno SIVs can damage hardsuit drivers.


  1. To the Bitter End-Complete a round of Onslaught(Bronze)
  2. Biohazard-Play 20 matches of Onslaught(Bronze)


  • Centre
  • Death Metal
  • Shelter
  • LockDown
  • Terminus