2.02 Bug Fix Patch!


  • Added a front page market and no longer pop up the full screen market on login
  • Re-added the ability to extend the time of rental purchases
  • You can now manually cycle through maps in the playlist viewer


  • Fixed instances of falling through floor on spawn
  • Fixed prices not showing on titles
  • Fixed some bad paint job icon references
  • Fixed an issue where the color of capped nodes at the match results screen would be wrong
  • Fixed an issue where emblems/titles could be reset
  • Fixed an issue where the Streaming UI would show the wrong info
  • Fixed some issues related to using the filters UI in customization
  • Fixed some menu navigation issues
  • Fixed bad looking first person spectate for hardsuits (you could see out the back)
  • Fixed not getting GP in round-based games (Search and Destroy)
  • Fixed incorrect awarded GP after a host migration
  • Fixed teams not preserving after host migration
  • Fixed a matchmaking crash that occurs during a game search
  • Fixed erroneous error dialog when leaving game servers
  • Fixed more incorrect localization
  • Fixed art/collision issues in Outpost


  • Social Menu has been updated with a new look!
  • Easier visibility of what items are on GP Permanent Rotation for members without Prime
  • Updated armor icons to match female models
  • The marketplace produces an error when you try to buy a weapon mod that you cannot equip to your current loadout
  • Optimized item grid tiles in customization

2.03 Convoy Patch!

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