Blacklight Retribution Ps4 Wiki

Arm Up Agent! When push comes to shove, your primary weapon is not only your first line of defense, but often times your last. Here you`ll find a variety of both classic and exotic weapons, ranging from the Standard Assault rifle, all the way to the Tactical SMG

Level 1 Unlock- Assault Rifle

Level 3 Unlock- Submachine Gun (SMG)

Level 5 Unlock- Light Machine Gun (LMG)

Level 8 Unlock- Combat Rifle

Level 13 Unlock- Burstfire SMG

Level 16 Unlock- M4X Rifle

Level 18- Burstfire Rifle

Level 20- Bolt-Action Rifle

Level 30- Bullpup Full Auto

Level 40- AK-470 Rifle

Level 50- LMG-Recon

Level 50- Compund Bow

Level 65- Anti-Materiel Rifle

Level 68- Heavy Assault Rifle

Level 69- Tactical SMG