Blacklight Retribution Ps4 Wiki

A List of Possible Titles in Blacklight Retribution[]

Agent Level

Reserved "..."

"Dirty Thirty" (Obtained by reaching Agent Level 30)

"Like a Boss" (No longer available)

"Beta Tester" (Available for those who logged in during the open Beta)

"Blacklight Prime Member" (Available for those who bought Blacklight Prime Membership )

"Mr. Moneybags" (2,500 Zcoins)

"Deep Pockets" (10,000 Zcoins)

"High Roller" (5,000 Zcoins)

"The Destroyer" (200 Zcoins)

"Assassin" (300 Zcoins)

"Harbinger of Death"  (200 Zcoins)

"Exterminator" (200 Zcoins)

"Total Jerk Face" (300 Zcoins)

"Pillar of the Community" (It's given by a Dev to someone that deserves it; Only a Dev can give this)

"BLR Streamer" (Streaming BLR constantly, then find someone who has codes for this title and ask him to give you one)

"Original Gamer" (Available for those who logged in between November 13, 2014 and December 15, 2014)

"Gift Of Gab" (Gifted for suggesting the game to 100 people or by getting your hands on a code)